JIAIDO Meditation Workshop

Discover Inner Peace:
Two-Day Meditation Workshop

Would you like to experience peace and calmness inside, but don’t know how to start? Embark on a transformative journey to inner peace and tranquility with our immersive two-day meditation workshop. Explore mindfulness, guided meditation, and self-discovery in a supportive environment.

Program Highlights

Program Structure

  • Guided meditation sessions and discussions
  • Explore various meditation techniques
  • Suitable for all experience levels, no prior training required
  • Led by experienced facilitators

Upcoming Meditation Workshop


Memberships payment and the participation fee can be paid in advance by bank transfer to the account of our non- profit International JIAIDO Association:
Bank account number: MagNet Bank: 16200223-10063651

Transformative Tales

Real Stories of JIAIDO Meditation Workshop Bliss

Gelesz Tamás

The workshop was very useful, easy to follow and practical. It gave me tools that I will be able to make good use of for my individual practice. More importantly, I got a perspective that beyond relaxing the body and observing bodily sensations, there is still room for development. It made me curious where regular meditation could lead.

Kun Letícia

I've attended the meditation workshop several times already. As a mother of two, my days can often be stressful and hectic, so I was happy for the opportunity to slow down, relax, and recharge. Moreover, I learnt many meditation techniques that I can easily incorporate into my daily life. The entire program was well-guided, with a deeply empathetic, patient, and knowledgeable leader.

Révész Tamás

The JIAIDO meditation workshop is a great opportunity to understand our own workings, gain experience in various forms of meditation, and seamlessly integrate it all into our daily lives through practice. I believe that the state of tranquility, and non-judgment will gradually improve my relationship with myself, and thus with everyone else. The workshop is a real rejuvenation in a fantastic, supportive environment.


Please dress comfortably or bring a change of clothes that allow you to sit and move comfortably for extended periods. Loose clothing is preferable to ensure proper blood circulation.

We'll supply mattresses, meditation pillows, and blankets for your comfort throughout the sessions.

As for meals, you're encouraged to bring your own pre-prepared food, which can be easily heated in the microwave available at the Academy.

Approach the weekend with an open mind. The more receptive you are, the richer your experience will be. It's beneficial to plan your personal schedule for the two days in a way that after the workshop, you avoid meeting friends or going to noisy places. Instead, aim to maintain a meditative, tranquil state to allow the experience to settle within you.