Jiaido Meditation Center – HARMONY OF BODY, PEACE OF MIND.

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Experience the calming effect on the mind and body, disconnecting from everyday stress and tension

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JIAIDO - The Path to Love Oneself

JIAIDO is the art of personal development and self-discovery, by awakening the energy of consciousness dormant within us. It creates an opportunity to establish a new relationship with our body, thoughts and emotions, and gradually leads us to the discovery of our true nature and the realization of the truth of our existence.

The name JI-AI-DO consists of three Japanese kanji (writing symbols)

Stress Reduction

JIAIDO offers effective stress reduction techniques to promote inner calm and resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Improved Mental Health

Experience enhanced mental well-being and clarity through JIAIDO's holistic approach to self-care and self-development.

Enhanced Flexibility and Physical Strength

JIAIDO cultivates enhanced flexibility and physical strength through dynamic movement and breathing exercises.

Innovative mediation


The key to satisfaction and well-being is to be present, to be Here and Now

Mind-Body Connection

Discover the profound mind-body connection through JIAIDO's integrated practices, fostering harmony and self-awareness.

Increased Energy and Vitality

Experience increased energy and vitality with JIAIDO's invigorating practices, revitalizing both body and mind.

Enhanced Concentration and Focus

JIAIDO sharpens concentration and focus, empowering mental clarity and productivity in everyday life.

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Transformative Tales

Real Stories of JIAIDO & Meditation Bliss

Jónás Edina

My desire for movement and the impulse to explore something new led me to the JIAIDO. Within just a few weeks, I started to experience firsthand what the kind guides have been telling me all along - that the practice of turning inward, coupled with the ability to be present, has the potential to profoundly affect every aspect of daily life. The journey has begun, it continues, and I am confident it will lead me precisely where I've always yearned to go: towards self-discovery. At the Dojo, I don't merely engage in physical exercises; I am also embraced by a genuine, affectionate, and attentive community where I feel welcomed, where it feels right to be, to go, and to belong. Thank you for walking alongside me on this journey!

Lovretics Gerti

I once read: 'Movement benefits the body, while stillness benefits the mind.' I can completely relate to this. I’ve always found it difficult to slow down physically, mentally, or emotionally, and felt that there must be another way to find calmness than motionless sitting. Until I realized that movement serves not only the body but also the peace of mind. I truly discovered this when I found JIAIDO. During the practice, there is no room for wandering thoughts. And thoughts are only one segment of a peaceful mind. This holistic system can manage the next big challenge: the turbulent emotions of daily life. Week by week, I progress with the joy of movement. And maybe one day, thanks to JIAIDO, I will be able to sit peacefully too.

Révész Tamás

JIAIDO truly invites me on a special journey aimed at deeper self-understanding. This practice leads not only to inner peace but also to harmony with my own being. Many of us struggle under the pressures of everyday life, often feeling disconnected from our true selves. JIAIDO provides an opportunity to restore this connection. To anyone seeking their own truth or feeling the need for a new perspective on life, I recommend JIAIDO with all my heart. Allow yourself this kind of care and attention. Discover how, by relying on your inner resources, you can lead a more peaceful, balanced life. Be courageous, open your heart, and let this practice guide you in your daily life.