Dance Meditation Workshop

JIAIDO Dance Meditation:
The art of self-expression

Liberate your body and emotions with JIAIDO Dance Meditation, a transformative practice that merges movement with inner exploration.

Dance Meditation is for you if you

  • are seeking a new relationship with your body
  • are interested in starting your dance journey
  • would like to express emotions through movement
  • wish to break free from mental and emotional limitations
  • want to discover your true nature through movement and meditation

Workshop Highlights

Upcoming Dance Meditation Workshop



Memberships payment and the participation fee can be paid in advance by bank transfer to the account of our non- profit International JIAIDO Association:
Bank account number: MagNet Bank: 16200223-10063651

Transformative Tales

Real Stories of JIAIDO Dance Meditation Bliss.

Bárdos Rita

The Dance Meditation classes gently and almost invisibly guide me into a relaxed, thought-free state that also brings alertness and full presence. For me, this is a new and exciting experience. With each session, the tension, the desire to conform, overthinking, and anxiety decrease, and the tension in my body gradually dissolves. I can fully surrender to the music, allowing my body to move freely without suppression or control.

Makláry Eszter

Two words come to my mind about dance meditation: freedom and childhood. In each session, I experience being free and uninhibited like a child. Here, everything is allowed; there is no right or wrong, no beautiful or ugly. The walls that others or we ourselves have built around us come down. I relive those childhood moments when I felt that nothing was impossible. With each session, I discover long-forgotten or even unknown abilities within myself, which start to filter into my everyday life, helping to dissolve obstacles that once seemed immovable.


Not at all. All you need is the desire to experience yourself through movement, and be open to discover the unknown part of yourself.

Please wear comfortable white or light-colored tops and pants that allow you to move freely. You can prepare with thick socks or soft-soled shoes.

If possible, don’t eat a heavy meal before the class, so that your body is light and easy to move. Make sure you have a bottle of water with yourself.