ATE bodywork 


“ATE is love expressed in the form of touch.” Ajiit, founder of JIAIDO movement meditation

The art of conscious touch

ATE is the bodywork method of JIAIDO’s self-development system. Its main purpose is to release emotional and mental blocks accumulated in the body.

In JIAIDO ATE we always work in pairs. The practitioner learns a new way of relating and communicating with his own being and with the other by working on each others body.. 

Athough ATE is a bodywork technique, but it is not a massage in its traditional sense, because the focus is only in 20 % on the treatment of physical symptoms.

The focus of JIAIDO ATE is to enhance awareness; it brings the skill to all to experience a conscious, effortless and empty physical contact with another human being. It results in the release of emotional and mental blocks from the body, which are responsible for the feelings of separation and dissatisfaction in our life and form the barriers of our spiritual evolution.

In ATE treatments and practice, both giver and receiver are active participants. Each session requires them to cultivate an open-minded, fresh, and deep connection for the practice to be effective.


Releasing emotional and mental blocks

Throughout our lives, we are subjected to several experiences that are difficult to process and let go of. These painful experiences are stored in our bodies as memories, primarily around the joints, preventing the free flow of vital energy (QI or Chi). When this flow of life force encounters obstacles, our level of awareness decreases, manifesting as physical, emotional, or mental disturbances.

As a result of JIAIDO ATE practice, the emotional and mental blocks that hinder our personal and spiritual development are released from our bodies. By regular practice, our thoughts, speech, and actions gradually and irreversibly take on a purer quality. On the long term,  JIAIDO ATE changes negative thought patterns; this is one of the main objectives of each JIAIDO technique.

Working with Meridian Channels

JIAIDO ATE works with traditional meridian channels and points in a special way. By stimulating the meridian points around the joints, applying pressure on specific channels or areas, or stretching certain muscles, Chi energy begins to flow freely through the system again. This process dissolves physical, mental, and emotional blocks, providing immediate relief on all levels of being.

Principles of JIAIDO ATE

Empty touch

Touch is our first experience in life even before the first breath, and remains a fundamental physical and mental need throughout our lives. Yet, as we grow up, touch is often used with intentions such as expressing liking, sympathy, or dominance. ATE practice involves conscious touch that is empty from any intention, focusing solely on the experience of contact. This kind of touch is free from liking or not liking, gender or age, it is a pure interaction of two human beings.

By this we practice total presence, discipline of the body and stillness of the mind.

Conscious Movement and Breathing

During practice, both giver and receiver are active and present in body and mind. This differs from typical massage techniques, where the receiver is usually passive. Participants must follow the movement and the effect of the touch with their attention, maintaining conscious and continuous breathing.

Contact and Communication

We are all different, with varying physical, emotional, and mental states. The process of releasing during JIAIDO ATE can be intense, so continuous communication is essential. This involves not only verbal communication, but also perceiving subtle bodily responses from our partner and regulating the intensity of touch accordingly.

Intimacy, Devotion, and Care

A real connection between two human beings can only occur in an open state, through heart-to-heart connection. Practicing JIAIDO ATE reminds us that our partner is also a manifestation of pure consciousness in human form.

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