ATE Bodywork Workshop

The art of conscious touch

JIAIDO Ate is a unique approach to bodywork that focuses on releasing mental and emotional blocks using the power of conscious touch and conscious breathing.

Program Highlights

Structure of the one-day JIAIDO Ate bodywork workshop

  • Getting to know the basic principles of the method; connection, conscious touch, breathing, movement.

  • Learning basic techniques, posture, practicing body positions

  • Coordination of breathing techniques, conscious breathing and movement in touch therapy

  • Compilation and practice of a set of exercises consisting of several techniques

Transformative Tales

Real Stories of JIAIDO & Meditation Bliss

Vas Judit

ATE nourishes me, bringing a sense of calm and connection with myself. Each session guides me towards a peaceful, mindful state, keeping me present and aware of my inner workings. I cannot wait for the next workshop!

Molnár Miklós

ATE leads me to complete deep relaxation, and helps me turn off. As a result of conscious touch, step by step I connect more and more deeply with myself, with my body. I become aware of my body sensations, I feel being present. Afterwards, I feel light, smooth and liberated.

Upcoming ATE bodywork workshop

The Art of Conscious Touch Discover the transformative power of JIAIDO…

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Since we'll be working in pairs, it's best to wear comfortable attire or bring a change of clothes. Opt for something loose and cozy that allows you to sit comfortably for extended periods without feeling restricted. Ensuring good blood circulation is crucial, so avoid tight clothing if possible.

Throughout the session, we offer mattresses, blankets, and meditation pillows for your comfort.

Regarding meals, you're welcome to bring your own pre-prepared food, which can be heated in the microwave provided at the Academy.

Upcoming ATE Bodywork Workshop